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Personalized In Loving Memory Locket Necklace

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Looking to treasure the memory of a loved one? Create a one-of-a-kind Custom Memorial Photo Keepsake.

Upload your photo and customize your text to create one. This hand-crafted piece will never fade and is built to last!

Take their memory with you everywhere you go. They are not forgotten!


  • Design Concept: The Locket features a heart-shaped design, creating a romantic and sentimental ambiance. It serves as a delicate accessory that can hold two cherished photos and can be engraved with special messages or names on the back, making it a truly one-of-a-kind keepsake or gifts
  • Unforgettable Memory Locket: Our lockets capture precious memories that can be worn close to the heart. Whether it's a family portrait, a picture of a loved one, or a memorable moment, our lockets provide a cherished reminder of those special times
  • Photo necklace customized: We offer personalized options to cater to your individual preferences. You can engrave important dates, names, or special words on the locket, expressing your emotions and affection. It makes for a unique gift suitable for birthdays, Mother's Day, or anniversaries
  • Locket necklace that holds pictures material: We prioritize the quality of our products, and the Locket is crafted using premium materials to ensure durability and long-lasting beauty. You can confidently wear it and showcase your style


  • Please fill in the required fields and double-check your spelling before purchasing.
  • To ensure the best looking, please use standard English only and exclude special characters.
  • Click "Preview Your Personalization" to get a glimpse of your beautiful creation at the final step.
  • Disclaimer: We will produce your design even you left blank area, you will receive as same as you created it or preview. If you need adjust your photo size and position, please touch the photo area to zoom in or zoom out and place it to the appropriate place.


    • Handling Time:1-5 business days / Shipping Time: 5-14 business days.
    • Orders can be canceled, returned, or exchanged freely if there are problems in quality, colors, and delayed shipping.
    • 30 Days protection, 100% refund if order not received.

    Handling Time:1-5 business days / Shipping Time: 10-14 business days.

    Orders can be canceled, returned, or exchanged freely if there are problems in quality, colors, and delayed shipping.

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    This key ring is amazing thank you


    Best gift I’ve ever given!!!!

    My hubby ordered one for me & I got it for my birthday a few weeks ago and I'm in love with it!!The fabric is so soft the lettering & colors are perfect!!!Something I can always have to remember my parents by!!Thank you

    Lisa VanMeter

    love it it's in a pot in my home

    It was more than I expected, a good surprise. Thanks


    Just heaven

    Good material..beautiful imprinted. We ordered bigger size and it fits great


    Lovely reminder

    The item was delivered on time and was greatly appreciated by the reciepent


    Value for money.

    This item is visually well presented, and value for money.

    See what people are saying!